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Stationary dryers

Dryer is aimed for drying all kinds of grain, rape, corn and seeds of leguminous plants. Grain intended for drying should be cleaned first. Dryers can be used both by individual agricultural farms and by companies dealing with purchase and trade of grain.



Advantages of POLnet dryers:

  • Low fuel and energy consumption - saving up to 30%
  • Large charging buffer – there is no need to put another portion of wet grain
  • Light, optimized steel construction– does not absorb the heat, made of high-quality steel S350
  • High ratio of charging volume to power of burner – grain keeps the highest quality
  • Noise and pollution reduction – construction is covered by sandwich panel
  • Dedusting – sediment chamber and mechanical filtres
  • Controlling based on self-acting switching on and off  the operation of transporters
  • Fans – low energy consumption, high efficiency and air pressure
  • Comfortable access to wide channels – doors, external ladders.

Additional information:

  • Dryers operate in underpressure system: drying air is sucked by dried grain
  • Isolated burner's channel (there is an option of isolating whole dryer) at modular construction allows to reduce the thermal energy consumption. Skeletal construction is coated with isolating material.
  • The use of modulated burners provides precise adjustment and appropriate temperature of drying air 
  • In order to reduce the noise level we use silencers for propeller fans or turbine fans
  • Optionally, our dryers can be equipped with dedusting system
  • It is possible to build over the system of warm air recirculation, gained from cooling section in a continuous drying mode (it allows to reduce thermal energy input)


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